Geos, topos, choros: three models for thinking about place

The Ancient Greeks described place using three methods: geos, topos, and choros. Of these only Ptolemy's geography, a geometric approach to algorithmic map generation, has survived to any extent. This paper describes the elided concepts, proposing them as integral to establishing a rich conceptual framework for critique of contemporary sonic practice.

April 2017


São Miguel Island residency

I am please to announce this forthcoming residency on São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal, as part of Invisible Places 2017. My sounding of the island will produce recordings, poetic texts, and lens-based work. I especially anticipate fruitful collaborations with other resident artists.

March 2017


Before The Listening Begins

"Sacred Spaces" is the latest collaborative project from Cities and Memory. My contribution was created from Melissa Pons' recording of a church congregation in Sweden, made in the moments before the organ processional. She writes: "I have been fascinated by what happens in a room where the audience is waiting for the music to start". What exists in the space before listening?

February 2017