Sounding the Anthropocene

"Sounding the Anthropocene: Field Recording and Ideologies of Nature" is a talk that examines how field recording practice has been complicit with ideologies of nature that have led us to our current ecological crisis.

December 2017

Radio Without Radio Waves: Utopian Proposals

What role does radio have in today's complex world of podcasts, phone apps, and digital broadcasting? Is there still scope for those Utopian ideals that birthed radio in the first place? This talk will examine the history of radio by considering eight transmission technologies, from telegraph to webcast. From this foundation, "radio" will be defined in a novel way, without restriction to any particular technological regime. It will be demonstrated that radio in any form has an important role as an ephemeral and inclusive force, flourishing as "invisible voices in the wind, in thunder, in the dream" (R. Murray Schafer).

September 2017

Improvisation on Korg Volca (4 Mika Vainio)

The Korg Volca is a line of small, inexpensive, battery-powered electronic instruments, each designed for a specific purpose. This improvisation is designed to test the limits of a single Volca, both in terms of sonic output and with respect to its minimal performance interface. It is an homage to Mika Vainio and his experiments with minimal techno.

September 2017