Sound Ideas

"Sound Ideas: The Surprising World of Sound and Listening" was a talk gaven at Trinity College, Dublin, in coordination with the Science Gallery's Sound Check exhibition. This talk was aimed at a general audience. Topics included what sound actually is (acoustics), how we hear (psychoacoustics), and various myths of listening.

June 2017


ClusterChord is a musical instrument that allows multiple performers to trigger sounds through a tangible sequencer interface. The sounds are produced acoustically, using a variety of plucked and buzzing strings. This instrument was designed by Ed Devane for the exhibition Sound Check at the Science Gallery, Trinity, Dublin. I wrote the code for the embedded microprocessors.

June 2017

Geos, topos, choros: three models for thinking about place

The Ancient Greeks described place using three methods: geos, topos, and choros. Of these only Ptolemy's geography, a geometric approach to algorithmic map generation, has survived to any extent. This paper describes the elided concepts, proposing them as integral to establishing a rich conceptual framework for critique of contemporary sonic practice.

April 2017