"In that place, the air was very different"

The sound installation creates imaginary places from field recordings I have compiled over several years. For each instantiation, I make new recordings from the environs as a personal response to place. As these are added to the available sound pool, the piece accumulates its own sonic "memory".

The artists of Echo Echo Dance Theatre responded with a generous intervention.

November 2016

Division by Zero {phalange}

Division by Zero is an ambient music project which has an integral video element. The section "{phalange}" was included by Kim Cascone in The Drone Cinema Film Festival, screened in Seattle, USA, and Leiden, Netherlands.

November 2016

Division by Zero {shadow}

My track "Division by Zero {shadow}" has been released on From Here to Tranquility - Volume 7, a massive compilation from Silent Records, including almost three hours of music from 24 different artists.

September 2016