Revenge Fantasy

"Revenge Fantasy" will be published in the annual Stony Thursday Book, No. 15, edited by John Davies. I look forward to the launch at the Limerick City Library, which will be a reunion of sorts for many poets, local and otherwise.

January 2017

Siamese Twins

"Siamese Twins" is not just a poem but a sonic production that incorporates my electroacoustic music. I created this especially for Solstice Sounds Volume II, a compact disk of spoken word released by the local poetry colelctive Stanzas.

December 2016

On Creating Events

"I am here to tell you about an event, but by being here you are already part of it. There is no point in me speaking except to create in this event, of this event, another event, the event of my speaking to you."

This talk was given to open the exhibition "Coffee-time Postcards" by Alexis Clancy.

September 2016