Platial Phenomenology and Environmental Composition

This dissertation investigates theories of place that were known to the Ancient Greeks, but which have been largely forgotten in our ocularcentric world. Despite the dominance of geos, alternative phenomenological practices can be built from topos and choros, as illustrated by detailed studies of the sonic practice of Dallas Simpson and Robert Curgenven.

September 2019

Living the Anthropocene: Rethinking Sound and Nature

We live in The Anthropocene, an epoch marked by human influence on species decline and climate change. As a field recordist, I wonder how historical approaches to nature have been complicit with these changes. At HearSay this topic was approached through two talks and a listening session, specifically designed for an audience of radio practitioners.

April 2019

Sounding the Anthropocene @ WFAE

We live in the Anthropocene, a critical juncture in which Homo sapiens has become the dominant force on the planet. The concepts of nature that have been leveraged by our society have failed us. Now, at the very brink, we must interrogate our assumptions, to begin again, from the root.

October 2018