Geos, topos, choros: three models for thinking about place

The Ancient Greeks described place using three methods: geos, topos, and choros. Of these only Ptolemy's geography, a geometric approach to algorithmic map generation, has survived to any extent. This paper describes the elided concepts, proposing them as integral to establishing a rich conceptual framework for critique of contemporary sonic practice.

April 2017


São Miguel Island residency

I am please to announce this forthcoming residency on São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal, as part of Invisible Places 2017. My sounding of the island will produce recordings, poetic texts, and lens-based work. I especially anticipate fruitful collaborations with other resident artists.

March 2017

A Brief History of Field Recording

Paper presented at ISSTA 2016 in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

This paper describes early field recording practice in order to demonstrate the varying imperatives -- aesthetic, documentary, commercial, educational -- that drove its development. The works of Karl Reich, Ludwig Koch, and Albert Brand will be auditioned and contextualised.

September 2016