Desktop Electronic Music

This series of 12 articles covers interface design, proposals for mixer architectures, MIDI wiring diagrams, improvisation, and the music of Mika Vainio (Panasonic). What they have in common is the concept of Desktop Electronic Music (DEM).

August 2017

Sound Ideas

"Sound Ideas: The Surprising World of Sound and Listening" was a talk gaven at Trinity College, Dublin, in coordination with the Science Gallery's Sound Check exhibition. This talk was aimed at a general audience. Topics included what sound actually is (acoustics), how we hear (psychoacoustics), and various myths of listening.

June 2017

Geos, topos, choros: three models for thinking about place

The Ancient Greeks described place using three methods: geos, topos, and choros. Of these only Ptolemy's geography, a geometric approach to algorithmic map generation, has survived to any extent. This paper describes the elided concepts, proposing them as integral to establishing a rich conceptual framework for critique of contemporary sonic practice.

April 2017