Terra Alta residency

This residency was curated by sound artist Linda O Keeffe and composer Tony Doyle. The location was the small village of La Fatarella in the northern Terra Alta region of Catalonia. Many pleasant hours were spent recording wind turbines, local festivals, and the cicada of the fields.

August 2016

Sounding Cobh

I am intrigued by the role that sound plays in our perception of environments, particularly in how we constitute place. My model of investigation is built around the sounding, a concept which transforms sound from noun to verb, in order to emphasise the active process by which we create a place anew, each time it is encountered.

This residency at the Sirius Arts Centre concluded with a public performance and exhibition on 25 May.

May 2016

Science-Fiction and Hypermodernism

This paper was presented at the inaugural Hypermodernism conference in Paris.

Science-fiction was the original hypermodern, predicated on faith in reason and the scientific method, fixated on our ability to understand and control our environment, obsessed with novelty. Following the New Wave experiments of the 1960s, science-fiction became increasingly mediated. Our contemporary touch panels, ubiquitous computation devices, and fibre optic communications precipitated out of this space of imagination. Now that it is everywhere, science fiction has lost its original function.

March 2016