Division By Zero

Division By Zero is the debut release from 7PRS, the alter-ego of composer Robin Parmar. This album has been released by Kim Cascone's famous label Silent Records, and is available on Bandcamp and worldwide through all digital channels.

March 2018


"Perturbation" is an electroacoustic composition that highlights the silence between sounds as much as the unexpected timbres of the chosen materials: crumpled paper, shells rubbed together, and a hammered metal pole.

February 2018

Improvisation on Korg Volca (4 Mika Vainio)

The Korg Volca is a line of small, inexpensive, battery-powered electronic instruments, each designed for a specific purpose. This improvisation is designed to test the limits of a single Volca, both in terms of sonic output and with respect to its minimal performance interface. It is an homage to Mika Vainio and his experiments with minimal techno.

September 2017