Before The Listening Begins

"Sacred Spaces" is the latest collaborative project from Cities and Memory. My contribution was created from Melissa Pons' recording of a church congregation in Sweden, made in the moments before the organ processional. She writes: "I have been fascinated by what happens in a room where the audience is waiting for the music to start". What exists in the space before listening?

February 2017


A Celebration of Pauline Oliveros

This performance commemorated the passing of Pauline Oliveros, whose work had touched many in Cork. Performers in the group improvisation included Danny Mc Carthy, Mick O'Shea, Harry Moore, Karen Power, John Godfrey, and myself.

December 2016

"In that place, the air was very different"

The sound installation creates imaginary places from field recordings I have compiled over several years. For each instantiation, I make new recordings from the environs as a personal response to place. As these are added to the available sound pool, the piece accumulates its own sonic "memory".

The artists of Echo Echo Dance Theatre responded with a generous intervention.

November 2016