Improvisation on Korg Volca (4 Mika Vainio)

The Korg Volca is a line of small, inexpensive, battery-powered electronic instruments, each designed for a specific purpose. This improvisation is designed to test the limits of a single Volca, both in terms of sonic output and with respect to its minimal performance interface. It is an homage to Mika Vainio and his experiments with minimal techno.

September 2017


ClusterChord is a musical instrument that allows multiple performers to trigger sounds through a tangible sequencer interface. The sounds are produced acoustically, using a variety of plucked and buzzing strings. This instrument was designed by Ed Devane for the exhibition Sound Check at the Science Gallery, Trinity, Dublin. I wrote the code for the embedded microprocessors.

June 2017

Before The Listening Begins

"Sacred Spaces" is the latest collaborative project from Cities and Memory. My contribution was created from Melissa Pons' recording of a church congregation in Sweden, made in the moments before the organ processional. She writes: "I have been fascinated by what happens in a room where the audience is waiting for the music to start". What exists in the space before listening?

February 2017