ClusterChord is a musical instrument that allows multiple performers to trigger sounds through a tangible sequencer interface. The sounds are produced acoustically, using a variety of plucked and buzzing strings. This instrument was designed by Ed Devane for the exhibition Sound Check at the Science Gallery, Trinity, Dublin. I wrote the code for the embedded microprocessors.

June 2017

"In that place, the air was very different"

The sound installation creates imaginary places from field recordings I have compiled over several years. For each instantiation, I make new recordings from the environs as a personal response to place. As these are added to the available sound pool, the piece accumulates its own sonic memory of the places I have been.

April 2017

Before The Listening Begins

"Sacred Spaces" is the latest collaborative project from Cities and Memory. My contribution was created from Melissa Pons' recording of a church congregation in Sweden, made in the moments before the organ processional. She writes: "I have been fascinated by what happens in a room where the audience is waiting for the music to start". What exists in the space before listening?

February 2017