Algorithmic Composition

In this undergraduate module at DMARC, University of Limerick, students use Max 7 to create an algorithmic composition. Topics include stochastic distributions, chaos equations, finite state machines, cellular automata, and fractals. A mathematical approach to music permits students without a background in theory to nonetheless create aesthetically interesting work.

January 2018

Digital Media Software and Systems 2

In his undergraduate module at DMARC, University of Limerick, students used Max 7 to implement various forms of sound synthesis, learning the history and digital audio concepts behind each practical technique. Coding style, interface development, and MIDI control are also covered.

September 2017

Realtime Audio and Video

Lecturer for this Masters-level module at the Digital Media Research Centre (DMARC), University of Limerick.

This module is part of the newly developed Masters in Art and Technology. Students implement real-time processing systems for audio, video, and other media, using Max 7. Topics include control systems (MIDI, OSC, CV, serial), chaos algorithms, stochastics, and sonification.

September 2017