About this site, credits, copyrights

About this site

This website is a portfolio of my works. The home page contains a reverse chronology of my activities. If you are interested in a particular field of activities, you can choose one of the categories from the menu at the top of the page.

The index of work lists every item on one page. This is a convenient place to do a text search, if you have something specific you are looking for.

This site was launched November 2016 and deprecated several previous websites, including Remanence. However, I still maintain a good deal of content on a number of social media sites; links to these can be found in the page footer.

This website uses open technologies to deliver a consistent viewing experience across contemporary browsers and devices. The corollary is that certain older browsers, Internet Explorer for example, are not supported.


Enormous thanks to Susannah Kelly for her many photos and continuous support.

Credits and copyrights

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