Frequently asked questions

How do I contact you?

Email "robin [at] robinparmar [dot] com", replacing symbols.

Are you on social media?

Check out the icons at the bottom right of this page.

Where was your cover photo taken?

This is a view of Horse Island, from across a narrow channel to the mainland. It's near Cill Rialaig, County Cork.

Is it true you run a record label?

Yes, please visit Stolen Mirror to listen via Bandcamp. Please support our innovative composers by buying a limited edition release.

Where can I find your music?

My music is published by various labels, including Stolen Mirror. You can also listen to my Soundcloud uploads (link at bottom right of page).

Do you perform live?

Yes, certainly. Performances are documented throughout this site. I especially enjoy improvisation and collaborations.

Who is escalation 746?

escalation 746 is my alter-ego for electronica, synth pop, glitch, post-digital, etc. Low profile, but never quite dead.

Where do you live?

Since 2003 I have lived in lovely Limerick, on the banks of the Shannon in Ireland.

What was your early life and career like?

I was born in Birmingham, England but moved to Canada when I was young. In London, Ontario, I attained a degree in Theoretical Physics and a diploma in Audio Engineering. My living was made through computer and database programming, web architecture, and corporate training. I also created mixed media work, experimented with performance and radio art, and was an early researcher into hypertext.

Is it true that you worked in radio?

I began as a music DJ on FM radio. As a journalist I interviewed artists like OMD, Simple Minds, and The Pixies. For over a decade I produced an independent arts radio programme, which included music features, dramatisations, soundtrack collage, and experimental art. Later I helped found Canada's first community internet radio station.

How old are you?

The same age as Doctor Who.

What's your opinion of [this film] or [that microphone]?

Opinion pieces, technical reviews, recipes, etc. can be found on my blog Theatre of Noise. Use the topic categories to filter the articles. Or try a search.

Theatre of Noise? What does that mean?

"The theatre of noise is proof of our potential" is a line from the film THX 1138. Consider it a homage to Walter Murch.

What is this Oblique Strategy in the sidebar?

Oblique Strategies were created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975 as a deck of playing cards. The idea is to draw a card and follow the instructions to resolve a creative impasse. Over many years I have developed my own set of texts. Each page on this website will render one at random.

If you wrote yourself a memo, what would it say?

"Be less self-reflexive."