Collaborate with me.

I am flexible, mobile, and inquisitive.
I enjoy a new challenge.

The projects on this website demonstrate my interests.

Though my work is diverse, there is a common framework.

I start from three principles:

1. Practice and theory in synergy

My research rethinks my art; my aesthetic products test my ideas. The world is an ever-changing place, so I never stop learning. I apply critical thinking to each challenge.

2. Play is key to creativity

I enjoy happy accidents and the surprises that experimentation brings. My work is based around improvisation and often integrates chance processes.

3. Professional ethics are essential

Since 1993 I have been a member of the ACM and follow their code of ethics. The Association of Computing Machinery is the professional group that governs computer programmers and software engineers.

Are you a film-maker or theatre professional?

I can record atmospherics, compose music, or help with sound editing. My formal training as an audio engineer was followed by years of experience in radio and independent audio production.

Are you a dancer or choreographer?

My phenomenology puts the body first, by way of sound as an immersive, haptic sense. Working with movement artists has always been a good fit for these interests.

Are you a musician or composer?

We can collaborate on your next recording.

I can produce your music or master your album.

Are you a curator or event manager?

I leverage my knowledge of psychoacoustics and minimal aesthetics to produce site-specific installations.

My sound art is aware of the performative nature of interactivity, and the importance of subjective experience.

Do you need photography?

I can create your next portfolio shot, book cover, or record sleeve.

I've helped actors, writers, musicians, and others find the right image.

There are many examples throughout this site.

Are you hiring in the area of music technology?

I am currently researching my doctorate at De Montfort University (Leicester) and am actively seeking employment.

I have significant experience working at third level, delivering lectures and aiding students in hands-on labs. I've worked with existing curricula, but also developed my own. I understand the need for multimodal approaches and have experience with blended learning.

I have taught the following at third level:

  • algorithmic composition and modular synthesis (Max/MSP)
  • acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • soundscape studies and acoustic ecology
  • electroacoustic composition practice, theory, and history
  • radio and radiophonic art
  • sound art and site-specific installations
  • microprocessor programming (Arduino)
  • academic writing, copyright, and ethics
  • database design and computer programming

I have significant experience in:

  • other synthesis programmes (Reaktor, Csound)
  • field recording, studio techniques, sound editing
  • live electronics and improvisation
  • interactive design, human-computer interaction
  • post-punk music and video (Joy Division, Wire, etc.)
  • poetry, creative writing, copy editing
  • film theory and criticism
  • information architecture and web design

Get in touch via robin [at] robinparmar [dot] com.