SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

What Do I See?


Exquisite Corpse [Five Senses], Soundfjord Sonic Art Gallery, 28 Lawrence Road, London, UK. 13-30 April 2011.


This group show was based on the classic Surrealist game, interpreted for sound. Fifty international artists were divided into groups according to the five senses. Each person got the previous recording as a starting point, and when done would pass on their own piece to the next person in the chain.

I was in the "Sight" category and decided to use a set of images to elicit verbal responses from Susannah Kelly. Her voice then became the primary material, along with the music I had received.

On 12 April I attended the opening in London. The day before I presented some work at the Soundfjord SoundShare event.


This show was covered in Art Selector.


A big thanks to Susannah Kelly for being so open to this experiment.

Thanks to Helen Frosi, Creative Director of Soundfjord, for the invitation.