SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

credit: unknown

The Garden of Adumbrations


UNITY, ALEX Campus, University of Wales Trinity and St David, Swansea, Wales. 27 March 2015.

.microsound10years, Fylkingen, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden. 28 October 2009.

Digital Media Arts Centre (DMARC), University of Limerick. 2 September 2009.


"The Garden of Adumbrations" is an electroacoustic composition made entirely of field recordings from Limerick, Ireland. Some sounds have been subject to musique concrète techniques, while others are unaltered. The result is an anecdotal experience that places the listener in an unfolding sonic ecosystem. The composition is a "shadowing forth", an imperfect portrayal of its own ongoing processes. It represents the act of listening in a world of connections, shadows, and challenges.

This was my Masters composition, developed for 8.1 playback and quite unsuitable for stereo reductions, due to the sonic density.

After the premiere it was included in a Swedish concert celebrating the anniversary of the .microsound internet list. (Please contact me if you happen to have any documentation for this event.)

In 2015 the piece was selected for an octophonic concert at the University of Wales Trinity and St David in Swansea.

"The objective of UNITY is to encourage and celebrate the collaboration between creative institutions and sonic artists; displaying the importance of sharing ideas and research whilst establishing an open forum to discuss octophonic and acousmatic art forms."

I am actively looking for other playback opportunities, should they arise.


Thanks to DMARC at the University of Limerick for providing the facilities used to make this piece.