SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases



"Electronic Frequencies", Concertzender, Utrecht. 11pm 28 February 2018. Thanks to host Roland Kuit and curator Leigh Landy. website.

ISSTC 2012, Cork, Ireland. 2 August 2012.


Somewhere On The Edge, Gruenrekorder, Germany [Gruen 100]. 2 May 2012.


Gruenrekorder is a German label that specialises in phonography, the art of field recording. Some of their releases are untouched documents of the sonic world around us, while others include creative transformations. Somewhere On The Edge is a compilation of no fewer than 47 artists working with this form.

These photos illustrate the three primary sound sources that I used for "Perturbation". The result highlights the silence between the sounds as much as the unexpected timbres of these materials. It's one of my personal favourite compositions.


Somewhere On The Edge is available as a free download at Gruenrekorder.


Richard Allen from a closer listen writes:

47 tracks, 531 minutes and 34 seconds: nearly nine hours of field recordings and soundscapes fill every corner of Gruenrekorder's 100th release, a testament not only to the strength and diversity of the label, but to the number of friends it has made. Not only that -- it's free. The level of excess displayed by such a project is so over-the-top, so ridiculous, that it induces a sense of awe.