SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

credit: Wolfgang Peter Menzel

Snowblind and Falling


Out of Silence (CD), Modisti Records, Barcelona, Spain. 13 March 2011.


Eldorado, Sveriges Radio, Stockholm. October 2011.


The double disk Out of Silence is the work of Wolfgang Peter Menzel, who compiled fifteen sonic interpretations of Samuel Beckett.

My contribution dates back to the Beckett centenary in 2006, when I designed a soundscape for a dramatic reading of his poetry. This was staged at Impact Theatre by the Fourfront Poets as part of the Cuisle International Poetry Festival. My contribution involved designing signature wind sounds for each reader. Diffusing these live, I transformed one to the next as the readings proceeded around a circle.

Taking that experience as a starting point, "Snowblind and Falling" foregrounds the textures of my own voice and verse, in homage to Beckett. This new piece continues my engagement with spoken word that dates back to my earliest radiophonic works.


Out of Silence is available at Modisti.


Thanks to Wolfgang Peter Menzel for the Beckett project, and to Kjell Alinge for playing the piece on his show Eldorado.