SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic


Released on Stolen Mirror.


The telegraph allowed instantaneous point-to-point communication over the wires. But messages were expensive and business was competitive. The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic Code provided single-word abbreviations for common phrases and transactions. This both saved money and provided a degree of obscurity, since only someone with the same code book would understand the message.

Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic originating in sequencer experiments from 2013. The music is comprised of patterns permutated over time, evolving new electronic landscapes. The sound has an analogue warmth, relying on tape degradation, echoing patterns, and interlocking rhythms.

Each of the four tracks is named after one of the poetic code words found in the ABC volume, fifth edition, published 1901.


Released in the time of COVID-19, all profits from this album will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières. Please purchase, enjoy, and help someone in need of medical assistance due to conflict, epidemic, or disaster.

Originally recorded at Studio Ubiquity in 2013. Composition, production, and artwork by Robin Parmar. Mixed, mastered and released in 2020.