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World Listening Delay


The original field recording was made on World Listening Day [18 July 2020] at a secret location on Lough Derg. This was repurposed live for uni.Sol_31 [20 July 2020] at Studio Ubiquity, Limerick City. Hence a conscious act of sonic time travel.

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United for Well-Being of Solar System (Universe & Everything Else)

uni.Sol_initiative is aspiring to be all-inclusive and ever-evolving project exploring the potential of extrasensory communication in purpose to facilitate deeper connection in between all entities.

An intention to explore and implement the idea of freedom, to enhance an awareness of human relationship with surrounding environment through practice of listening. A hope to create stimulating sensual, spiritual and aesthetic experience. A vision of all-encompassing universe welcoming unconditionally all Sounds - regardless of origin, system of thinking and beliefs.

There is an open window in time for one hour interconnecting every place on Earth. We have an opportunity to be together - to connect - simultaneously wherever we are. Everyone in different locations, however in the same moment. Regardless who you are, no importance what do you think or what do you believe in ... everybody is equally welcome!

Emotions are the same for all of us: fear, pain, loss ... love and happiness ... There seems to be the point of connection.

You are invited for uni.Sol_event to participate in any way seems suitable to you: feel free to use words - poems - songs ... music - any genre - original or not ... sounds ... silence ... whatever positive comes to your heart and mind: whatever you wish to share. Shall we make a leap and finally truly connect together? Open your mind to an extrasensory exploration, play the music of your heart or simply listen to any sound around/inside you. In order to succeed we need to raise our sensitivity and in that sense we need to understand this experience as an exercise; repetition is important. Repeat. Persistence!

Connection through resonating empathy - compassion - tuning in to each other seems paramount. Unexplored and alternative ways of inter-connecting around the globe, creating a possibility of connection. Energetic field.

At the same time, if you believe whether telepathy works or not is irrelevant: isn't it simply wonderful to know that there are around the globe other people playing music or simply "thinking" about each other at the same time as you? We are separated by space, however united and connected by time and intention! Everybody is welcome! One hour of Freedom for Free! The window is opened...

Coordinates: Monday 20th July 2020 from 9 to 10 PM (within your respective time-zone)

Multiverses from previous gatherings are here.

-- Slavek Kwi


Thanks to Slavek Kwi and Susannah Kelly.