SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

Catherine Street Augmentation


Gold Mine Jewellers, Catherine Street, Limerick, Ireland. 8 May 2010.


The Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG) was a project of the SpiritStore collective for the exhibition "EV+A 2010 Matters". This weekend of performances, workshops, art events and other activities opened up the neighbourhood to playful investigation and community-building.

In this context, I decided to create an audio time machine, by overlaying sounds from the street, heard exactly a week apart. On May Day I ventured out early in the morning to record pedestrians and people setting up their businesses for the day. A week later these sounds issued, in subtle manner, from Gold Mine Jewellers.


The Limerick-Toronto Subway Line works with similar themes.


Thanks to the SpiritStore collective for facilitating this work. And to the staff of Gold Mine Jewellers for putting up with a sound artist!