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The Lights In Room 7


OPEN/INVITED EV+A 2010 MATTERS, George's Quay, Limerick. 12 March to 23 May 2010


This site-specific sound installation was commissioned by curator Elizabeth Hatz for ev+a, Ireland's art biennale.

My installation was designated for Room 7 in the former Limerick School of Art & Design building, a space once used for the fashion and sculpture departments. I spent many hours investigating the existing sounds of the room. This led me to use the flickering flourescent lights as the sole source material.

Various electroacoustic transformations were performed on the sounds, which were then auditioned in situ. I retianed those that worked with the acoustic properties of the room, and deleted those that didn't fit.

For the duration of the exhibit these sounds played out into Room 7. Some were obvious, others were so quiet that they might go unnoticed.

Small physical augmentations were also made to the room, following the motif established by the existing pattern of red and black cabling.

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This piece was the subject matter for the seminar "Some notes on sound installations" at the University of Limerick.

The ev+a archive is currently being built.


My gratitude to Elizabeth Hatz for the invitation. And to Tom Fitzgerald for sharing the space.