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credit: Zone Books

Making Noise and Reading Noise


Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture issue 3: Noise. September 2013.


Review of Making Noise by Hillel Schwartz.

Hillel Schwartz's Making Noise (2011, Zone Books) takes its place in the growing library of literature on acoustic pandemonium, the hubbub of the masses, the eternal cacophony of nature, the din of industry and military, the cry of the distressed, that certain ringing in the ears... noise, in short. Or From Babel to the Big Bang & Beyond, as the subtitle has it. This topic is popular at the moment, judging by the proliferation of conferences and publications. If it does nothing else, this volume convinces that noise has always been a hot topic, from the very birth of the universe, through the gestation of human culture, right on down the line to the (near) present.


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