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Sound Ideas

Public lecture

Science Gallery, Trinity, Dublin. 29 June 2017.


"Sound Ideas: The Surprising World of Sound and Listening" was a talk gaven at Trinity College, Dublin, in coordination with the Science Gallery's Sound Check exhibition. This talk was aimed at a general audience. Topics included what sound actually is (acoustics), how we hear (psychoacoustics), and various myths of listening.

What exactly is sound? What role does it play in our lives? In this talk you will be introduced to sound as a measurable physical quantity and discover how our experience of sound is shaped by biology and perception. How can we distinguish one person speaking across a crowded room? What makes an A sharp the same note, no matter what instrument plays it? Why does our own voice sound alien off a recording? Paradoxical effects and strange mysteries of sound will be explored by demonstration and through listening sessions.

The event page is available.


The talk is available on YouTube.