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The Absence of Baudrillard (performance)


Die Gegenwart Von Jean Baudrillard, at Antiquariat am Ballplatz, Mainz, Germany. 25 October 2008.


Following the premature passing of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard in 2008, a commemorative event was held at a bookshop in Mainz, organised by the Instituts Français. This eclectic happening opened with an electroacoustic improvisation, which began unannounced, slowly building from the background chatter of the bookshop, into a furious assembly of reconstituted vocal samples.

The event included talks, papers, a photo exhibit, a harpsichord recital, pleasant meals, and even tango dancing. Marine Dupuis Baudrillard gave the talk "Rhapsodie Amoureuse Ou 'Transfert Poétique De Situation'".

I also received one of the nicest compliments of my career. An elderly couple, perhaps relatives of Baudrillard, came up to me after the performance. They managed to tell me, with minimal English, that in all their years they had never heard anything like my piece. They had learned to listen in a new way.

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Seven years later, this was reconstituted and released as the album The Absence of Baudrillard. Please see that article for listening options.