SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

Dust on my Hands


Listen/compose/perform, 12 Henrietta Street, Dublin, Ireland, 3 June 2016.

Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Ireland, 25 May 2016.


The Royal Cork Yacht Club of Cobh, Ireland was operational between 1854 to 1966. The basement contained the kitchen and service quarters. Today this has been repurposed as an artist's residence. The material for this composition was created by sounding this space, using materials such as beach stones, upright piano, and rusted iron ornaments. During playback, I augment these sounds with others from the environment.

The premiere was at the final talk/performance evening of my residency Sounding Cobh.

The piece was then included in Listen/compose/perform. Curator Karen Power describes this event:

listen/compose/perform explores the spectrum of the creative process - artists using a variety of methods to achieve varying artistic goals, where method of delivery is a clear element of their creative process. In some cases the composition process needs to be realised live and in situ and in others a structural process is the only fixed or composed element of the creative process.

"Dust on my hands" was programmed as part of a listening room. I performed an intervention, using material found on location (spade, bucket of water). It is safe to say that this was a great surprise to all present!


Thanks to the Sirius Arts Centre and Miranda Driscoll for facilitating this work through the residency.