SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

Assisted Improvisation on the People's Park Monochord


People's Park, Limerick, Ireland, 13 March 2015.


Ed Devane's project for City of Culture involves installing custom instruments in the disused kiosk at People's Park, Limerick. These long tube string devices are servo-controlled, hooked up to both an inductance keyboard for input, and a computer for MIDI recording and playback.

Ed invited several artists to work with him for a week a piece, crafting something special for his instruments. I prepared two pieces. The first was a short theme by way of a MIDI sequence.

The second was an improvised drone, which echoed out into the streets in a haunting fashion. You can hear this live recording below.


A big thanks to Ed Devane for sharing his work with me. Thanks to Susannah Kelly for photography.