SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

Sonic Practice Now (ISSTA 2020)


Irish Science, Sound, and Technology Association. 14-15 August 2020.


Sonic Practice Now was the annual event of ISSTA, this year presented online in order to include a diverse range of audio-visual expression. The theme was as follows:

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 and the associated social changes have impacted our lives in a manner that has no precedent in recent times. How has the initial shock changed our professional and personal relationships? Does this pandemic mark a permanent change to how we work and share? Is this a societal event that will soon be normalised?

ISSTA has invited international artists working with sound to share their responses to this situation as composers and performers. We have curated a variety of live performances and fixed media works, in both audio and video. This selection demonstrates the diversity of individual and collaborative practice that thrives in this time.


Thanks to the artists who contributed their time and energies. ISSTA Board and Organising Committee 2020:

  • Dr. Jenn Kirby, President
  • Dr. Robin Parmar, Vice-President and Treasurer
  • Dr. Rob Casey, Secretary
  • Dr. John D'Arcy, Web
  • Dr. Brona Martin, PR