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credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Susannah Kelly

Sonic Vigil 6 launch


Lewis Glucksman Gallery, University College, Cork. 19 May 2013.


First there was Sonic Vigil 2011, at which I perfomed "Two Observations". Then there was the vinyl album Sonic Vigil 6, including an excerpt from that piece. Naturally enough this album needed a launch, and so a group concert was organised.

Participants included The Quiet Club, Katie O'Looney, John Godfrey, Harry Moore, Mersk, Karen Power, Anthony Kelly and David Stalling, Kevin Tuohy, and Jeff Weeter.

The special guest was Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten and Crime and the City Solution, two groups I rate very highly. Hacke is an adventurous musical arranger and a creative guitar player. It was thrilling to play alongside himself and partner Danielle de Picciotto.

The format was intriguing. Each contributor played in the round, for a duration as short as a blink or as long as five minutes, after which the performer was obliged to take a break for at least a minute.

I used a minimal laptop setup with induction coil and field recordings. I was happy to share a table with Karen Power, as we had not previously collaborated.

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"Two Observations" is documented in a separate entry.


The release is a collaboration of Cork Artists Collective, The Guesthouse and Farpoint Recordings.

"This launch event and LP are dedicated to the memory of Tom Lawrence."