SOUND: composition, installations, performance, releases

credit: Fergus Kelly

credit: ("The Eye of Silence" by Max Ernst)

Stolen Mirror album launch


The Guesthouse, Shandon, Cork. 3 February 2016.


In December 2015 my label released AC, the debut CD from Steve McCourt. In early 2016 this was followed by Fergus Kelly's Neural Atlas. These two albums contain electroacoustic music not afraid to confront the definition of noise.

To celebrate we had a release party at The Guesthouse. Following delightful vegetarian food and wine around an open fire, we retired upstairs to the gallery.

Steve McCourt presented a quad version of "AC-4", a rare chance to hear this piece in multi-channel format. I should mention that he was visiting Ireland on a trip from his home base of Shanghai. So we were lucky indeed to have him.

Fergus Kelly performed on a variety of custom string instruments using electromagnetic actuators. This was quite different from the music on Neural Atlas, yet the same precision and delicacy of composition was evident.

After a break, the three of us performed in an improvisation that was unique and unrehearsed. Thanks to the appreciative audience for sharing with us.


Please check out the Stolen Mirror website and support the artists by purchasing a limited edition CD. AC and Neural Atlas both have selections you can preview. All funds received support these and future artists.


A special thanks to Irene Murphy and the rest of the collective for being so generous with their time and energy.