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credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Susannah Kelly

Valentine's Day gig


Valentine's Day gig, Raggle Taggle, Limerick, Ireland. 13 February 2011.


The very first thing I did when I bought an electric guitar was take off all the strings. What is left is a block of wood with pickups. I have performed with this minimal instrument twice, each time for a special holiday.

First, I created "Granulation Knaves" for a Hallowe'en gig with KK Null.

The second occasion was opening for Campbell Kneale from New Zealand. He was best known for his work as Birchville Cat Motel, but by this time was playing as Our Love Will Destroy The World. Appropriate enough, this was a Valentine's Day gig, organised by Damien Mullane who described it as a "night of music, art, partying, and apocalyptic love".

One untitled piece involved the guitar in question and a kitchen blender. Unfortunately, the sound levels were too low to achieve the sort of mayhem I was imagining.

The other piece was part of my experimentation with the No Input Software System (NISE), which is documented on its own page.


Thanks to Damien Mullane, Campbell Kneale, and the various visual artists who contributed. It was a singular night.