POETICS: poems, text experiments

Microphone On


White House Press, Limerick, Ireland. 17 August 2005.


The poetry scene had been going for some years at the White House pub when the idea of a book was mooted. I was the only one with experience in publishing and so took on the job for an honorarium. I was also responsible for design and layout. Bertha McCullough was copy editor and Dominic Taylor managed the poets and manuscripts. Meanwhile, Barney Sheehan drummed up enthusiasm and support.

The result was the largest anthology of its kind. Besides its primary position, it was important for kick-starting a publishing series that is still going today.

But on the other hand...

This project convinced me that the politics of literature and publishing held no interest. Often I get asked why I have no book of poetry in print. The truth is that I was asked twice by publishers and both times said no!

But I am very happy with poetry as a living event. Invite me and I will present a set of challenging works about nature, urban life, and the strange language of science.