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The Absence of Baudrillard


Stolen Mirror. March 2015.


Following the premature passing of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard in 2008, a commemorative event was held at a bookshop in Mainz, Germany. This eclectic happening opened with an electroacoustic improvisation, which began unannounced, slowly building from the background chatter of the bookshop, into a furious assembly of reconstituted vocal samples.

Seven years later, the album The Absence of Baudrillard is released as a companion piece to the book Jean Baudrillard: Fest für einen Toten, edited by Caroline Heinrich (Ventil Verlag, 2015). You can read more about my chapter.

A suite in eight parts, created between October 2008 and March 2015, rethinks the original processes. A short utterance from Baudrillard is the complete and entire source for this album. Visit Stolen Mirror for barrier-free listening through Bandcamp.

This album concludes with an edit of the original live performance.