TEACHING: seminars, workshops, lecturing

Physical Computing: Musical Interfaces


Digital Media Research Centre (DMARC), University of Limerick. Spring term 2016.


I was the lecturer for the Masters module "Physical Computing: Musical Interfaces" at DMARC.

In this module, students learn to organize and execute a successful artistic collaboration, program real-time and distributed software for audio and video, implement real-time digital signal processing algorithms and environments, and produce work reflecting current practices in real-time video and audio production. In addition they discuss artistic, philosophical, and aesthetic values in current practice. Students build their own Digital Musical Instrument (DMI), based on the Arduino microprocessor.

Contemporary practices in NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) and HCI (Human Computer Interface) were reflected throughout the course. Specific artists were studied, and students were expected to research the background of their approach, in light of contemporary practice.

The term concluded with a concert, students performing in ensembles that were established in the design stage. Computers were allowed as hosts for Max, but their interfaces could not be used during the concert. No screens and no mice! Though out of their safety zone, the students rose admirably to the challenge.