VIDEO: filmpoems, screendance, ambient video

credit: Kim Cascone

Division by Zero {phalange}


Soundtrack released on Silent Records. 28 October 2016.


Grand Illusion Theater, Seattle, Washington, USA. 9 April 2016.

Vrijplaats Middelstegracht, Leiden, Netherlands. 9 April 2016.

Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California. 19 January 2019.


Division by Zero is an ambient music project, in which I repurpose found material for its inherent harmonic content. Metamusical sounds arise, often unexpectedly, from the sources. The abstract film is an integral accompaniment to the sounds.

"Division by Zero {phalange}", one segment of this project, was included in The Drone Cinema Film Festival, curated by Kim Cascone, of Silent Records fame. This anthology screened in the USA and the Netherlands.

Press Release

The Drone Cinema Film Festival enters its second year of showcasing cutting-edge, minimalist works of ethereal beauty. This year's festival sees an expansion as the festival takes place in Leiden, Netherlands and in Seattle, Washington. Cascone said about the added U.S. location, "We are very pleased to be working with the fine people at the Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle. They understood exactly what we were about and have been very supportive of us every step of the way."

What is Drone Cinema? With people being barraged with information on a daily basis, Drone Cinema offers a respite from constant media overload. Cascone refers to Drone Cinema as "transcendigital" media. "Transcendigital media is conjured through active imagination instead of software templates and presets." Cascone said via telephone. A member of the audience at last year's festival commented "Drone cinema is the flotation tank of cinema." Drone Cinema is decidedly not new-age and draws inspiration from far-flung sources as mid-century experimental cinema, Early Music, the drone music of La Monte Young and Terry Riley and current work in digital VJ work, the artists offer their own expression of what sonic drones look like


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