TEACHING: seminars, workshops, lecturing

credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Susannah Kelly

credit: Dr. John's



Steps 2 to 3, Dr. John's, Limerick, Ireland. 23 February 2013.


For several years Dr. John's was a popular nightclub in the centre of Limerick city. It was created by John Samuel Greenwood immediately after he obtained his doctorate as a sonic artist... so the name is appropriate!

His eclectic interests meant that this wasn't just a nightclub. In the afternoons a variety of workshops, performances, and other activities were facilitated.

"sixMILLIONsoundsPERsecond" was a listening session where the audience were presented unexpected sounds, and could then respond with their comments and recollections. The goal was to get people listening to sounds they had never heard before, to encourage new ways of listening, and to inspire wonder in the variety of sounds around us. To this end I played everything from beetles eating the interior of a tree to pure pink noise.

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A previous listening session was conducted at the University of Brighton in 2005.


Thanks to John Greenwood for hosting this event.